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Human connection is the multivitamin we all need more of. On a cellular level, we are wired to connect and the extent to which we positively sync with others, even strangers, has a huge impact on our lives, inside and out. Imagine if our lives could be exponentially upgraded just by bringing more attention and intention to the way we connect with others. That’s living The Synced Life. 

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The Host: Kristen Manieri

To me, life is about constantly evolving as a human being. It's about using the experiences presented to us every single day to upgrade our consciousness, even if it's only by the smallest amount. 

Have a conversation with me and within minutes you'll discover that I am an insatiably curious lifelong learner, reader and podcast devourer. 

I’m on a journey to learn more about how to maximize what researchers have found is the most critical factor in our health,  happiness and well-being: the way we connect with others. 

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and I've been a resident of Orlando, FL since 2006

I launched (and still run) a lifestyle blog in 2007, the same year I started freelance writing for magazines both locally and beyond. 

I'm a seasoned speaker and a sought-after television news guest. But mostly I'm just a human being, trying to figure it all out, not make too much of a mess of things, and learn a few things along the way.  

May 2019

Andrew Parker


Andrew has spent his career focusing on healthcare technology and service. In late 2017, Andrew founded Papa, a company that connects college students to older adults for companionship, assistance, and transportation. He started the company to support his own grandfather that he called Papa. 

Andrew has a passion for healthcare, technology, and people. He has combined his passion to build Papa and support older adults. Papa has grown to 15 full time employees and over 1,500 students on the platform. 

Learn more at https://www.joinpapa.com/


Melissa Wadsworth


Melissa Wadsworth is a new-community visionary, certified dream coach, change catalyst, creative intuitive, and author. Her vision and leadership integrate her own life-lessons, inspirational optimism, and her commitment to bringing healing change energy to the world.

Learn more at http://www.collectivemanifestation.com/


Alyson Long


Alyson Long is the owner of World Travel Family travel blog, a website she created while traveling full time to some extraordinary destinations with her husband and 2 children. A nomadic lifestyle was a dream come true for this family and these days, after 6 years of travel, they have no plans to retire from the adventure travel sector.  The family is a mixture of Welsh, English and Australian heritage and has lived in all of those places as well as in Vietnam and Romania.

Learn more at https://worldtravelfamily.com


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